The Fairytale Celebrity Wedding of The Saturdays Singer Rochelle Wiseman and JLS Star Marvin Humes


Who says fairytales are just for kids? Rochelle Wiseman, 23 year old singer of The Saturdays, married Marvin Humes, 27 year old singer of the UK boy band, JLS, on July 27, 2012. It was a star-studded ceremony held Blenheim Palace in Oxforshire, UK. The Palace was reportedly closed early in order to accommodate the large event. The couple was engaged at the end of 2011 during their Antigua’s trip. The following day, Wiseman expressed on Twitter how blessed they are for having each other. She shouted to the whole world that she can now be called Mrs. Humes. The bride’s side included Wiseman’s band mates, Vanessa White, Frankie Sandford, Una Healy and Mollie King, at the wedding ceremony. Other stars appearances included Aston Merrygold, Oritsé Williams, and JB Gill (all of JLS), as well as Harry Styles and Olly Murs.

The couple did not confirm the specific date of their big day to the public prior to the ceremony. Olly Murs shared his happiness on his social network account calling them a “perfect couple.” The public was reported to have been very excited and happy for the newlyweds.

Rochelle Wiseman (now Humes) is an English singer and actress born in Barking, East London. She was part of S Club 8 (formed through a reality show in 2001) and presently member of the girl group The Saturdays. The group already marked in the music industry with their record selling album. Marvin Humes was born in Greenwich, London and is a British singer as a member of the boy band, JLS (2008 The X Factor product). Wiseman and Humes started their intimate relationship August 2010, were engaged in 2011, and finally tied the knot 2012.

Wiseman, now Mrs. Humes, said she felt like a princess throughout the event. Surely a couple like these two will build their own castle and begin their “Happily Ever After” with their own prince and princess fairytale.



The last time Johnny Depp was single – in the ’90s- only yuppies and heart surgeons had cell phones. But now, back on the market after splitting with his longtime girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis, the actor has adapted to the time and is using technology to snag dates!

On Aug. 6, Johnny partied with his pals from Aerosmith at Pink Taco in West Hollywood following the band’s Hollywood performance. But Johnny, making his first public appearance as a bachelor, wanted more than a boy’s night out.

“Johnny left his phone in his booth. Well, just as he was about to exit the place, a cute blonde waitress ran after him to return it,” recalls a fellow partygoer, but says that the 49-year-old’s “absent mind” was no accident.

”Johnny had a liking for the blonde, and this was all a ploy to get the girl to chase him. Johnny had been telling his friends that night about his trick!”

The Rum Diary star hardly needs a complicated ruse to get a girl’s digits, but “his friends got a kick out of watching his plan come to fruition right in front of their eyes.”

And it worked! “The girl handed him the phone, he struck up a conversation, and then he nabbed her digits!”

Looks like you can teach an old Johnny new tricks!

This article was transcribed from Star Magazine, author unknown.

Twilight Trouble: 5 Reasons Kristen Stewart May Have Cheated on Robert Pattinson

This blog was originally written by Dr. Laura Berman, PhD. All credits belong to Dr. Laura Berman, PhD and

Fans of the Twilight series are reeling from the recent news that Kristen Stewart cheated on her longtime love Robert Pattinson.

The world-renowned twosome has been an on-screen and offscreen couple for some time. In the iconic Twilight series, Kristen portrays innocent high-school student Bella Swan and Robert portrays modern-day vampire Edward Cullen, roles that launched them into stardom and into each other’s arms. They met while Stephenie Meyer (author of the popular Twilight Saga books) was casting for the epic roles of Bella and Edward. Meyer reports that she knew they had intense and powerful chemistry from the moment the two first set eyes on each other.

The first Twilight movie came out in 2008, instantly turning Stewart and Pattinson into Hollywood’s “it” couple. Their relationship soon became fodder for the tabloids, and after hiding their relationship for some time, Kristen and Robert finally made public their passionate bond. Fans everywhere were excited to see them living as a couple in love — in real life.

When recent paparazzi photos published in Us Weekly revealed Kristen intimately embracing her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders — who is married with children — Kristen immediately released a public apology to Robert Pattinson. She was also quoted as saying how devastated she was about hurting him.

What could lead Kristen to cheat on her love — not to mention acting partner in a major-motion-picture franchise? Consider the following reasons:

1. She might have thought that the grass was greener. Kristen is gorgeous and might have ahard time with monogamy. It is rumored that she broke up with her former boyfriend Michael Angarano after four years of dating to pursue an offscreen romance with Robert Pattinson. The reality is that it isn’t easy to be monogamous in Hollywood, even with a British heartthrob on your arm.

2. She is still very young. It’s easy to forget that Kristen is just 22 years old. She’s at an age when most people are just beginning to explore love, sex, and relationships — and she’s already had two major relationships. After jumping from one serious longer relationship with Angarano to another serious relationship with Pattinson, Kristen might have felt she missed out on chances to explore and meet new people, especially considering she lives in a fishbowl of fame and paparazzi.

3. She is attracted to the type of people she works with. Some people find creativity to be an aphrodisiac, and this certainly could be the case for Kristen. Her major romances have begun on movie sets, and she seems to have a strong attraction for creative types — especially those with dark hair and a quiet, sensitive side. Hence, it’s no wonder that she couldn’t resist her attraction to Sanders, despite each of them having an unavailable relationship status.

4. She was under the influence of shooting a film. Movie sets can be notorious for their sexual tension and hidden romantic entanglements. Having an attractive older director probably spoke to Kristen’s passionate side, especially as she was far away from home and her own boyfriend. Perhaps “harmless” flirtations and “friendly” embraces soon grew into something more before Kristen was able to realize the true impact of their behavior.

5. She may not have wanted to be tied down. Since childhood, Kristen has been a working actress and walking red carpets across the globe. She is used to living a life most of us can’t even imagine: From private jets to luxury hotels to designer gowns, she is used to jet-setting around the world on her own terms. As her relationship with Robert became more and more serious, she might have felt frustrated or anxious at the thought of being tied to a long-term commitment — Hollywood heartthrob or not. The reality is that Kristen is an independent and headstrong young woman, and she might just need some time to explore, grow, and even make mistakes.

Here’s hoping this star-crossed pair can get their relationship back on track!

Laura Berman, Ph.D., is a leading sex and relationship educator and therapist, popular TV and radio host, New York Times best-selling author, and assistant clinical professor of ob-gyn and psychiatry at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago. She is the star of Couples in Crisis, on the Everyday Health Channel, every Thursday at 1 p.m. EST.

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The Cheating that Broke the “Reel” and “Real” Sweetheart Twilight Stars


Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson played the main roles of “Bella Swan” and “Edward Cullen” in the movie Twilight. The on-screen love duo turned into real-life romance. Their relationship started in their 2008 movie together, though they denied the issue at first. At the time, Stewart was in a four year relationship with actor Michael Angarano. After the movie hit theaters, Stewart and Pattinson turned to be real sweethearts; however, the sweet melody ended up with regret and hurt.

Stewart is now on the hot seat for her affair with Rupert Sanders, the 41-year old Director of the movie Snow White and the Huntsman. The controversial cheating scandal may have a great impact on Kristen and Robert’s career, which involved their Twilight saga together. The movie Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be shown on November 16, 2012. People behind the movie fear how the promotions will go after the forbidden affair of Stewart and Sanders has been admitted.

Another painful side of the cheating fiasco is that Rupert Sanders is married to actress Liberty Ross, and they have two children together. US Weekly released their exclusive story about Stewart and Sanders with their photos taken during intimate moments at Stewart’s car and at Pacific View Trail. Following this, Stewart admitted to the flirtation between she and Sanders. She issued a public apology stating that she was sorry to the people she has hurt, including to Rob, for whom she stated she loves and respects most. Sanders also issued his own apology to his wife and children, and he hopes they will get through this together in spite of the infidelity.

On the other side, Pattinson left the home that he shared with Stewart for years. He has not yet released any words regarding how he is handling the betrayal. Reportedly, he just wanted to be alone and think things through. His friends stated that he was about to propose to Stewart before the issue exploded. It remains to be seen if he will return home or not.

Three Hot Buzzes about Johnny Depp

What’s the latest about Johnny Depp–aside, of course from his blockbuster movie remake of the 60s vampire-filled soap opera Dark Shadows and his recent break up? Here are three Depp treats for you: (1) Johnny will be voicing one of his old characters in a TV show, (2) he will be editing a novel, and (3) a great icon will be directing him in a music video.

First buzz. Depp will be voicing his old character Edward Scissorhands in the upcoming episodes of Family Guy. Although it is just a brief cameo appearance, all involved are excited about the much awaited 20 year come back. Before he went to the booth to record, it was reported that it took him a second to remember the voice. However, a quick clip from the movies immediately transformed him into the Edward viewers had loved before.

Second buzz. It was reported that Depp, together with well-acclaimed author Douglas Brinkley, will be editing the lost novel of Woody Guthrie entitled “House of Earth”. The story revolves around two West Texas farmers named Tike and Ella May Hamlin, and their struggle to keep their house together after natural catastrophe and the exploit of the huge bank land owners. The novel was written in 1947 but it was never published. Now, it will be revived with the help of Depp and Brinkley.

Third buzz. Depp will star in a music video and it will be directed by Sir Paul McCartney of the Beatles. It was the latter’s song called “My Valentine” which they will do. Natalie Portman will be re-joining Depp in this project. Actually, there are three versions and interpretations of this original McCartney composition: one with Depp interpreting the Beatle singer’s words in sign language, second with Portman on it, and the third will have Depp and Portman together.

As for Depp’s love life rumors swirl, lets wait and see what the summer brings!

Will Justin and Jessica Lasts? Justin Cheating, Jessica Boring Sources Say

On and off celebrity couple, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are finally tying the knot this summer. However, there are a few who wonder if the couple will actually last together. Wendy Williams, talk show host, reveals that she’s quite unsure whether the marriage is going to be successful.

The drop-dead gorgeous Jessica does not mind these predictions. She’s made it known that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks and has highlighted her happiness with becoming Justin Timberlake’s wife.

Critics like Wendy are saying that Jess is beautiful, but she is boring for Justin and can’t keep him from straying. Despite these negative rumors, Justin has showered her with a pre-wedding jewelry set worth $250,000. Of course the rumors say that Justin is showering her with precious gifts to cover up his cheating but Jessica is confident that her husband-to-be is honest and loyal to her.

Although the couple is bombarded with skepticism, they are confident they will last together as husband and wife. Let’s wait and see for more updates about these controversial lovebirds.

Mother-to-Be Kristin Cavallari!

The lovely actress, Kristin Cavallari, is expecting her first baby boy from fiancé Jay Cutler, the Chicago Bear’s star. The couple is expecting the baby sometime in August.

Jay Cutler, proposed to Kristin in April of 2011, making it a busy year for Kristin with the baby and the wedding planning for their 2012 summer wedding. Even though the couple split after the engagement last year they’re back together for now with the baby on the way.

Kristin is overwhelmed and excited about the latest addition to their family. The couple claims to be happier and more fulfilled with the coming addition to their relationship. As first time parents, there could be nothing more exciting than expecting the coming of a new baby.

The couple’s close friends and family are so excited of the coming baby and most of them have bought their gifts for him. Audrina Patridge is so excited to see Kristin’s first baby that she has bought a bunch of toys, soft blankets, little footballs, little outfits, and booties. According to the lovely star, Kristin’s going to be a great mother.

Tune in for more updates about Kristin’s pregnancy.

Hollywood Marriages For Ever

In the world of Hollywood, not all celebrity couples’ relationships go sour over the years. There are those power couples that have withstood the test of time and can compare their married life to the finest wine. It just gets better over the years.

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks – These two met while shooting their movie Volunteers back in 1985. They exchanged vows in 1988 and their marriage is filled with love and support for one another in everything they do proving that this formula is a complete success for married life.

Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito – Can you believe that they have been married for more than two decades? Rhea and Danny have just recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and although they are quite private with their personal life, they have three beautiful children to show off.

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas – Melanie and Antonio met and fell in love on the set of their movie Two Much. They got married after Antonio’s divorce from his first wife ended. Today, their relationship appears to be rock solid even though many rumors are circulating about their past relationships. These two don’t seem to think that their marriage is going to end soon.

Celebrity couples such as these are definitely worth emulating not just by new couples in Hollywood but by others as well.

Hollywood Couples Who Keep Coming Back for More

It’s not just mere mortals who experience the make-up break-up kind of roller coaster love affair. Here are some celebrity couples who find themselves going back to their former flames time and time again.

Shante and Snoop Dogg – These two stars have been together for the past 15 years but there was a time before that when their married life seemed to hit rock bottom. Snoop filed for a divorce which never happened as the two reconciled after four years of being separated.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake – Many have observed that JT often seems to get bored with his significant after three years. Jessica Biel lasted almost 4 years before they split up mark in 2001. However rumors has it in the celebrity mill that there is a new engagement between these two lovebirds.

Keisha Spivey and Omar Epps – These two have been a couple since their teenage years but when Omar moved to world of Hollywood, their relationship took a dive. However, they got back together after several years apart and have been happily married ever since.

These couples aren’t the only ones who had a rocky start with their relationships. You just can’t tell what Love has in store for any couple!

Divine Divorces: Hollywood Couples that are Friends Post-Marriage

The news at the end of 2011 and the start of 2012 is filled with a number of celebrities filing for divorce. Government offices are working on the double to set up court dates and settle who gets what in a bitter battle with money, properties and child custody.

But what these recently separated couples don’t realize is that there are celebrity couples that have remained friends (or at the very least civil) after their divorce.

Vanessa Williams and Ramon Hervey II, Rick Fox

The once Miss America and actress-singer Vanessa Williams has been through the aisle twice, and has also been divorced at the same rate. She married PR Man Ramon Hervey in the 80s and divorced him in the 90s. Eventually, she married basketball player Rick Fox before the end of the millennium and divorced just a couple of years after their union.

Time and again, her marriages may have failed, but her relationship with these men has been anything but acrimonious. She has been successful in keeping her friendship with her former husbands by starring in a TV series with Fox 2 years after their divorce, and going to vacation with both of her ex-husbands, at the same vacation house, at the same time. This is a woman who knows how to handle her ex-husbands quite well.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis

After their marriage, this couple decided to live a simple life outside of the spotlight. However, after their divorce, they seem to be seen everywhere with their respective partners, sometimes even vacationing together. Demi has been kind to Bruce in the media and Bruce has been kind to her as well. And although Demi has just recently been experiencing a problem dealing with her latest relationship meltdown, you can see that Bruce has truly been by her side.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette

Having their wedding rings engraved with the saying “A deal is a deal” did not keep Courteney Cox and David Arquette from ending their marriage. After meeting on the set of the horror film “Scream” and becoming inseparable. It was only after a couple of years of marriage that the breakdown of the relationship seemed imminent.

Even so, they have remained friends and are still working together up to this day. Their production company, Coquette Productions, produced “Dirt” and “Cougar Town,” some of the latest TV projects by Cox. They exemplify how separated or even divorced couples can work, love and love in harmony.

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