Adam Lyons

Voted ‘Least Likely to Ever Get a Girlfriend’ in school by his classmates at age 15, Adam decided to try his best to improve his love life by trying to become more attractive and understand the psychology of why we are attracted to others. For 11 years he was largely unsuccessful falling into a couple of relationships and spending most of the time completely perplexed by the opposite sex.

In the summer of 2006 one of his best friends handed him a copy of the book The Game by Neil Strauss with the words, “Read this book, you’ll take to it like a duck to water.” Since then Adam has become known as one of the world’s leading authorities on dating and attraction.

Notable Achievements:
World Pua Summit 2009: Number 1 Ranking in the world
Thundercats Seduction List 2009: Number 1 ranking in the world
TSB Magazine 2009: Number 1 Dating Coach in the world
Seduction Tuition 2009: Number 1 ranking in the world
21 Convention 2009: Number 1 ranking in the world
Thundercats Seduction list 2008: Number 2 Ranking in the world
World Pua Summit 2008: Number 2 Ranking in the world
World Pua Summit 2007: Number 1 Ranking UK 2007 to date: Number 1 Ranking UK
Thundercats Seduction List 2007: Number 3 Ranking Worldwide

Some of his core theories and articles that he has become well known for include:

Myframe: A core understanding of what attracts us to other people, and what causes them to be attracted to us in return. From this core knowledge and understanding it’s simple to use any method from any Pick Up Company, Dating Coach or even create a new one, and still attract women.

Metagame: The idea that meeting someone isn’t just about the spoken interaction with them, the events and situations in the immediate vicinity to that interaction and potentially proceeding it have an impact on how attractive a person is to another. Understanding the psychology affecting these interactions is a core principle.

Entourage game: Also known as extreme pre-selection, this is a concept that involves building a lifestyle that is surrounded by women. Having women friends or acquaintances is perceived as being attractive and are therefore open the way to meeting more women. This is a specific branch of Metagame.

The formula: (C-R)+Q+S = A This is a sequence of events which cause someone to become attracted to another person. Where;

C = Comfort
R = Rapport
Q = Qualification
S = Sexual Escalation
A = Attraction

The principles of attraction: Core qualities that cause people to become attracted before even beginning an interaction. This includes a full breakdown as to why a musician may be seen as attractive on stage, yet not so attractive when met in a bar, or other social situation.

Within 2 years Adam has risen from obscurity to be recognized as one of the top 3 experts on seduction in the world. Adam has gone on to teach some of the UK’s current experts in the field, and is increasing known as the instructors instructor with a number of lead companies and competitors looking to Adam for advice on helping with their tougher students.

Adam has been featured in the Channel 4 documentary “The Rules of Seduction.” He has also been featured in, FHM, The News of the world, The Sun, The Independent, Kerrang, The Daily Star, Glamour Magazine, Maxim, Arena, The London Paper, The London Lite, The Star, Sport radio, and numerous others.

Work History:

The Mystery Method: Speaker

Love Systems: Speaker

School of Seduction: Approach coach – Lead Instructor

The Dating School: lead Instructor

PUAtraining: Lead Instructor

Attraction Explained: Lead Instructor

Other Work History:

Freud Communications: Public relations special projects PepsiCo/Nike

Gamezville Sky One: Public relations manager

Skill 2K: Public relations manager

Gametrak: Public relations manager

Ex-Calbre Props Public relations manager

Cloak and Dagger Props Public relations assistant and Prop technician

Testimonials from Industry Peers:

David Wygant – Inspiration for the movie ‘Hitch’
“Unlike Adam, most people in the community are either marketers who’ve copied Mystery’s system and really don’t have a clue or creepy pick up guys.”

Braddock – Love Systems/Mystery Method instructor
“I met AFC Adam in Dallas. He went out with us one night. He’s fucking amazing!!! One of the best I’ve ever seen. Great teacher as well. He spoke one of the days of the bootcamp and it was great stuff. He’s amazing to watch in field.”


Student testimonial: Cockstar
“You gotta admire the irony in calling himself AFC……he is the total opposite. Watching Adam at work is like watching Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel. The way he observes each situation and controls the frame of everything around him is pure genius. I shit you not when I say he has the potential to reach legendary status.”

Student testimonial: Natedogg
“Students of all levels attended the boot camp. Although I’ve been aware of the community for so long I am a newbie really. I wanted to smash my reality and push my Kino to the limits which I did very successfully. The more advanced guys were either complaining about stalkers from the night before or getting so many numbers they couldn’t remember what the girls looked like! Every student pushed themselves and achieved different success unique to them and their current development.”

Student Testimonial: Newb
“I loved it! It was one of the best things I have ever done and it was a bargain as well – the teaching was superb, you could really feel his passion and drive and he really did what you didto get good.”

Student Testimonial: Leo
“Why I took the 1-2-1: I’ve been on the scene a little longer than most of the guys on this site but am still, in many respects an AFC. I have had a fair amount of success with woman and, having been on a couple of bootcamps, I didn’t feel that any of the “gurus” except for Adam I had ever met had much more game than me. Theory yes; actual results no. I witnessed Adam surrounded by 20 girls. NONE were part of his warm Entourage game. He got all 20 COLD and IN UNDER AN HOUR. Now, I have seen this done before but not in that sort of time scale. But what was amazing was that Adam did it without offering the girls drinks; the guys I know who do this have to spend a shit load of money on alcohol (I’ve seen guys drop 1 or 2 grand a night doing this shit).”

Student Testimonial: Drifter
“Adam is very Charismatic, polished and with tight tight game…. he really is the REAL DEAL, I now have a mark to aim at! Before his course I had only a few stories……. light ambitions…. now I have DIRECTION and FOCUS. And was the money well spent? Well its expensive…. but after just 2 hours my game had moved on by 1-2 months! This was fast forward!”

Student Testimonial: Infinite
“I saw Adam demonstrate some of this social theory stuff. Within 3 minutes he had befriended half of the queue in Starbucks, just by discussing situational stuff about the coffee and hooking different people into the conversation. It also showed me how to handle social pressure, I would never be comfortable being the focus of attention from 10 strangers but have begun making efforts to improve in this area.”

3 Responses to “Bio”

  1. Dimitar says:

    Hey, Adam! It’s 2Fast4Love, a 20 years old Bulgarian PUA. We met in 2007 in one club in london called 24. I do not think youll remember it, but anyways… I kno of this stuff since I was 15… 5 years now. I guess up until recent times I was not motivated and focused enough to start to really handle this thing down. The desire was always there. The thing that stopped me was my childish thinking. Now I know that the only way to get this down is by ACTING and EXPERIMENTING. I have been opening sets left and right for some time, but i left the experimentation part out.
    I just wanted to tell you that you inspire me and one of the reasons why is because you got so fucking good very fast. The other guys I like are the RSD and PaulJanka.
    I live in sofia (the capital of Bulgaria) and it is full of hot chicks here. I mean full. Problem is everybody knows everyone, and when someone like me starts to cold approach everybody starts to know about it. Ive figured a decision to this problem would be to start being social to everybody (this way itll seem abolutely natural to talk to the women im interested too..) and to do what you call entourage game. Could you please explain me the basics of it?

  2. Dimitar says:

    The one above should be a private message by the way :)

    • George says:

      Hey dimitur can you give me your e-mail facebook or skype, I`m from Bulgaria too man :D . I`m 18 and i just got into the game and I would like to talk to you about it.

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