Flirt On the Run

Top 10 Tips to Flirt…. On the Run.

A couple months ago a new dating Web site asked me, AFC Adam, to give them an article on different ways to flirt. I have posted it here for you. Enjoy!

Gone are the days when we would send our friends up to someone we liked and get them to talk on our behalf. These days it is a lot easier to do so through the use of instant messaging, email and text messages. This is an advantage but it also has the disadvantage of making you come across just like everyone else. You have to stop and ask yourself, “What makes me stand out from everyone else?”

They say that all is fair in love and war, and we have a top secret weapon for you to add to your arsenal of weapons to give you that extra edge. We now present to you Flirt On the Run. Use the tips below, along with your flirt codes, to make yourself stand out from the crowd and add that extra bit of mystery to your interactions.

Be Playful
Anything that you did when you were ten years old is still fun. You can crumple up the paper and run a tea bag along the edges to give the effect of being an old scroll. Then bury your flirt code in a park somewhere and design a treasure map to find it. Place the flirt code inside of a bottle and leave it out for the other person to find it. Every girl dreams of having her Prince Charming contact her through the oldest and most unconventional ways. Just remember that X marks the spot.

Be Mysterious
Everyone loves a bit of mystery in their life. It’s exciting, new, and not many people can pull it off successfully. With your flirt codes you now have the perfect chance to add that excitement to someone else’s life. Imagine how boring it is to go to the office every day, nine to five, and have nothing exciting ever happen. Leave your flirt code with a single rose on the persons desk to add a bit of mystery.

Plan for the Excitement to Build
Just handing someone a flirt code while sitting on a computer isn’t too exciting. Rather send it to them at work. Imagine walking to your desk to find a very official envelope marked top secret on the desk with instructions not to open it until a certain time. This way the excitement builds in their head the whole day while they think about what it is. You could also send several anonymous letters throughout the day and send the last one over with the flirt code in it. All of that built up anticipation will guarantee that she will log in as soon as she can to see who their secret admirer is.

Think Outside the Box
Everybody these days need to be socially accepted as we feel the need to be part of the social norm. A lot of people tend to meet someone, exchange numbers and then leave it to faith. Rules are meant to be broken. The person who will stand out the most will always be the exception to this rule. Come up with a different approach at handing out your flirt codes. Handing one out in a night club may not be as effective as sticking it to someone’s cereal box in a supermarket. Break the rules and remember, high risk equals high reward.

Come in Under the Radar
Rather than directly giving the flirt code to that special someone you could give it to someone else to hand to them. You’ll come in completely under then radar and it will increase your chances of a response as it was giving by a friend. Attaching it to their windshield, putting it in their mailbox, or even sneaking it into the stack of papers on their desk are all ways to come in under the radar where they won’t suspect it is you.

Be Sexual
You would be surprised to know that these days sex is not as big of a taboo as it once was. Society has taught us that in this day and age it’s a plus to be sexual. Try sending your flirt code with something sexy like fuzzy handcuffs or a special scented oil. Make sure that whatever you send is also fun as you don’t want to creep them out right away. The little touch of adding something sexy will give mystery and sex appeal to the flirt code and will make them jump at the chance of seeing who their flirtee is.

Be Humble
People like to come across in a positive light so they tell whoever will listen just how great they are. Use what you have if your shy, be shy. If your not the kind of guy that brags about everything use it to your advantage. Spend most of your time listening and finding out about the other person, and then just casually give her the card.

Be Romantic
Sadly nowadays romance seems to be a lost art. With social networking sites taking over face to face interactions and text messaging replacing good old fashion flirting it seems to have blurred our personal encounters. However, there is hope! The flirt code brings romance into the new age and has given it a new lease of life in this uber-techno era. Why not follow in the footsteps of flirt code by putting a new twist on old classics such as sending her a box of chocolates to her work place with no other clues but the flirt code attached.

Be Cheeky
Make it fun because a lot of people can find life very dull these days. Everyone loves a bit of cheekiness and this can only add to the interaction a great way. Show your funny side by sending a complimentary glass of water to the girl in a bar along with your flirt code. You could also put the flirt code on the floor and tell her she dropped something. When she picks it up and looks at it just give a wink and walk away.

Make Someone’s Day
Giving out flirt codes is a unique way to meet new people and it will make their day. They’ll tell there work colleagues, family and friends. Even if nothing does happen between the two of you, you know that you’ve made their day which is one of the best compliments in itself.

If you have any of your own favorite ways to flirt be sure to post them in the comment box above! This is AFC Adam signing off, so I hope you enjoyed the article.

Thanks, AFC Adam

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