Long-Term Relationship Insecurities: Five Things Your Girlfriend Still Worries About

Long-Term Relationship Insecurities: Five Things Your Girlfriend Still Worries About

In that last article, I talked about how to get back in the dating scene but many of you might have the opposite problem. You’re issue isn’t getting back into the dating scene, it’s being in the relationship scene. As any of you who have ever been hounded by a wife or girlfriend know, the worrying doesn’t stop once they’ve got you locked down. And in most cases, even if they are a nagging type, they keep their mouths shut about most of it. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not worried — and knowing what it is that sets them off can make life a lot easier.

1. You Are Cheating on Her
Well, are you? Men or are known for being the cheating dogs that we are. This doesn’t mean that women never cheat by any means, but it does mean that men are typically going to go after an opportunity that’s presented to them.

So women are usually suspicious about men — especially when alcohol is involved. The only real way to deal with is to be open and honest, and if you’ve never given a reason to doubt, don’t be afraid to point that out if she hounds too much. Of course, if you have given reason to doubt, you’re on your own.

2. You Aren’t Attracted to Her Anymore
I’ve heard it said before that women are as insecure about their entire bodies, including their face and hair, as men are about the penis. Imagine that reality for a second. So it’s no surprise that women worry about whether or not you are attracted as you used to be. And the fact that men tend to experience a decreased sex drive and a long-term relationship does nothing to help the fact.

Put out an effort to maintain a healthy newness in your sexual relationship. That includes making an effort to be romantic, which helps to cultivate sexual desire, and being experimental with sex.

Maybe you just need to show your attraction more. Often, we get carried away with life and forget to give our woman the attention than she needs. So take the time to express how you feel about her from time to time. Don’t take it for granted just because she’s there.

3. She Isn’t Satisfying You Sexually
And just like you have performance anxiety and wonder if you’re pleasing her at all, she wonders sometimes if she’s pleasing you. It takes a dual effort to get rid of this and security. A dual effort of communication. Learn to please each other by communicating during sex and being more open and encouraging about what feels good and what does not.

4. You’re Falling in Love with Someone Else
While we already talked about women wondering if you cheating on them — i.e. having a sexual relationship with another woman — many are even more worried that you might be falling in love with somebody else. Men tend to get more jealous about their girlfriend having sex with another man, but women get more jealous if a man has romantic feelings for another woman.

Sometimes the feelings might arise from something as subtle as you flirting with somebody in front of her or paying another woman too much attention. Don’t let this completely rule how you act around other people, but also keep in mind that there is another set of eyes watching, and if you care about she feels keep that in mind.

And once again, reminding her how you feel about her from time to time goes a long way towards peace of mind.

5. Your Relationship Isn’t Going Anywhere
Finally, women worry a lot about whether or not the relationship is going anywhere. Women hate to waste their time on a man that is never going to commit or is always going to drift away. You shouldn’t let yourself be pressured into moving forward if it’s not going to happen, but it is something that you should discuss if you notice that it’s on her mind.

And sometimes if it’s not going to go forward, the best thing is just to let it go; the last thing you want is to get caught up in her relationship with a woman who’s always pushing for things to move forward and you’re always pushing her away. So figure out what you want, and talk to her about it.

If you’re in a long-term relationship it should be fun, happy and a pleasure to be with your partner. If it’s not going that way then I advise questioning whether it is the relationship you want to be in.

Hope this helps!
AFC Adam

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    Great information adam…

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