Rebounding In Style: Six Tips For Getting Back Into The Dating Game

Rebounding In Style: Six Tips For Getting Back Into The Dating Game

Getting back in the dating game after a long sojourn can be quite intimidating. You know you need to get out there sooner or later, and whether or not it was you who made the choice, you’re probably dealing with a lot of emotions. Sitting in your home all alone is unhealthy — you need to get out into the world and start meeting new people. But it’s a complex situation. So here’s five tips for moving on and rebounding in style.

1. Make Sure You’re Ready
First off, make sure that you’re even ready for dating again. Sure, getting attention from the opposite sex is definitely going to get your mind off your heartbreak or what you’ve lost and will even make you feel good about yourself. But if you’re not ready, it can even be a dangerous thing. Because ending a long relationship is a volatile time in your life, and you need to be sure that you’ve taken the time to heal before you work on moving on.
2. Don’t Make Women Just Another Addiction
One of the dangers that you face is making women a way to hide from the pain and loss. Not only is it unfair to them, but it can lead to you making bad decisions. One of those bad decisions I see a lot is the rebound relationship — when a man or woman jumps directly back into another relationship before they even have time to figure out what’s going on.

Then later, they wonder why it is that they drug all the same problems from the last relationship into the new. Don’t make women an addiction, whether that be a sexual addiction or an addiction to relationships. A woman’s bed should be enjoyable, not a place to hide.

3. Speaking Of Addictions…
Speaking of addictions, being newly single is also a time when you face more of a risk of falling into alcoholism or drug addiction. Newfound freedom. You’re going through a lot of pain. All your friends, many of whom never left the party scene all those years you were dating, are trying to help you get away from it all by going to the nearest bar or party.

Realize your vulnerability, and don’t make the party your life just because you’re trying to hide from what’s going on in your life. Spend some time doing constructive things and meeting women in constructive places as well.

4. Be Upfront About Your Situation
Whether you are divorced with children or had your heart crushed and broken from your teenage crush, don’t hide the failed relationship from women that you meet. Chances are they’re going to find out about it sooner or later, and if they find out you were hiding something from them, it’s just to make you look worse and make them assume the worst.

Failed or not, the relationship might even make you more appealing to women. It shows that you’re not entirely afraid of commitment and that other women felt you that you were safe enough, and desirable enough, to be with.

5. Focus On Yourself First
Make sure to use this time to focus on yourself as well. Being single again is a blast. There are opportunities all over the place! But it is also a time to grow as a human being, and as mentioned before, this time for growth can present dangers if ignored.

So think about what you want with your life before you get yourself into another dating situation. And even if you start dating right off the bat, take your time alone to focus on your own interests, improving yourself, and re-evaluating life’s possibilities.

6. Be Ready For A Whole New Dating Paradigm
If you’ve been in a relationship, or married, for quite some time, you’re going to find that the dating world has taken on a whole new look. Everybody is connected to social media and wired into cell phones now, and the new dating world is full of distractions, opportunities, and trivial relationships.

It’s going to present a lot of interesting temptations and possibilities, but it canalso be overwhelming. Don’t feel like you need to do everything the way everyone else is doing it. A lot of people reject social media and networking, choosing to live a more simple life.

As always, make your own decisions and make your own world. Getting back into the dating scene can be tough, especially if you have been out of it for a long time, but by remembering the tips above and easing yourself back into it at your pace, it can be a fun game to start playing again.

And if there is a friend you’ve had your eye on for a while but aren’t sure how to go about it, be sure to check out the video I posted on Breaking Out of the Friend Zone. Click the link below.

Good luck,

AFC Adam

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