Top Ways to a Great First Kiss

Top 7 Ways to a Great First Kiss

A first impression is important. A first kiss may just be as important. 80% of women feel they cantell how a relationship will turn out initially from the first kiss and as we get older we often find ourselves pondering our sexual prowess. We find ourselves comparing to other men, questioning if we know what we’re doing or how we can be better. Some may even go that step further to become better at kissing and a quick search on the Internet will provide you with detailed and in depth methods designed to work. The problem is that none of them really delve into the all important first kiss. This is the kiss that will set the foundations for the rest to come, and even if you study all the mechanics and techniques to the perfect kiss, you still may be missing an all important factor.

If you asked a girl what a first kiss should be like, chance’s are she will ponder it for a moment before informing you of the all important “leg raise moment.” The movie moment where she is so caught up in the kiss that one of her legs raises off the ground uncontrollably. Where us men like to get technical and work out the mechanics, girls are looking for that special something. They still long for their knight in shinning armour to come sweep her off her feet. She may not believe that such a thing is possible nowadays, but during that first kiss she can allow herself to slip into that fantasy. With this simple how-to you’ll know exactly how to give your girl that “movie moment.”

Romantic at Heart

There is a time and place for everything, especially for the perfect first kiss. A jam packed club with heavy music may at the time seem like a good idea, but when she looks back on that moment in years to come how good a story will that be? The chances of it being that all important “leg raise moment” are also slim to none if you’re both just sitting beside each other in a busy club or local pub. Take the time to think about it, choose it wisely even if it means delaying the kiss until a more suitable time. Take the time to plan the location carefully to facilitate the leg raise.

Kind and Considerate

A lot of girls are concerned about coming across as being too easy to the any guy and are even more concerned at coming across as easy in front of her friends. Logically if things don’t hit it off between you and her she doesn’t have to see you ever again, but her friends she sees every day. The last thing she wants is to develop a cheap reputation with them. Make sure to take her to a different area from her friends. Ideally you’d like to find a romantic location and lead her there. Don’t be cheesy and say that you want to “go somewhere more romantic” instead tell her you want to get away from the noise for awhile and get her to keep you company.

You’re the Man

There is nothing less attractive than indecisiveness. She begins to question whether you like her or not and then that indecisiveness is replaced with her thinking that you don’t know what you want at all. To protect her emotions she will start to look for flaws in you and soon enough you’ll be thrown to the side as she finds someone she’s more interested in. If you feel it’s time, PULL THE TRIGGER! Go for it. More often than not just having the confidence to go for the first kiss is more than enough for it to happen.

Talk Alpha, Act Beta

Once you have got the first kiss you don’t want to come on too strong. It’s time to be gentle and tender. Have you even seen two girls kiss? Stupid question, of course you have! Watch how tender and gentle they are, gentle nibbles followed by slowly exploring the lips, without hardcore ramming their tongue down the other person’s throat. This is the best way to start a kiss with someone we’ve never met. You can then use your own judgement to what they like by copying them. If they’re more aggressive feel free to reciprocate, if not, then keep it gentle and tender.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

We all go skydiving for the same reason: the actual jump is the most exciting part. We enjoy the chase rather than the prize and sometimes anticipation is the best moment of all. Every now and again stop and stare into her eyes with a big smile on your face. More than likely she’ll move in towards you to continue the kiss and this is where you can gently ease away. Make her chase you for it. The more energy she puts into chasing it the more she’ll appreciate the kiss when she gets it. By doing all this you’re only adding to the tension and therefore making her want it even more, which will make the memory of the kiss all the more special.

Be the Knight in Shining Armor

When you move in for that incredible first kiss be sure to lean in slightly towards her. You’re her knight in shining armor. In all the movies and dreams she has the guy always holds the weight of her body and dips her back slightly. Be that guy. Sweep her off her feet by leaning your body gently in towards her and placing your hand and the small of her back to carry her weight. This way you can give her the feeling of being whisked away without the pain of actually having to carry her. With you holding her she’ll feel safe and secure and may even shift the weight onto one leg and raise the other giving her that brief moment of a bliss movie kiss.

Make the Magic Happen

If you really want to make her melt into her fantasy realm use different techniques with your lips, teeth and tongue to become a better kisser. These can range from the art of lip biting to gentle tongue exploring, to neck and ear play. Just be careful not to overwhelm yourself or her with too many different steps or abrupt movements. Keep to the basics if in doubt.

The first kiss is regarded by many men as a milestone towards “sealing the deal.” However women don’t tend to view it in the same way. Three months down the line you tend to forget that moment as you move into a more stable relationship , however your girlfriend will remember it forever.  If you want her to be telling her friends about how great a guy you are you want to be doing all you can to stack up them brownie points before the date begins.

The simple trick to this is to remember that it’s all about her. Don’t forget to set up the situation for the perfect moment before the kiss, pull the trigger and go for it and take then time to figure out what she wants. Easy her back to become her knight in shining armour, let her feel you protecting her. And finally if you really aren’t sure of the best way to go about adding the exact tongue to mouth technique you can simply watch a little bit of girl on girl action and take a few pointers.

Have fun and remember, this is one of those things you definitely want to get a lot of practical application practice for…  Strictly for improvement purposes of course.  ;)

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